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"Cheque Formação + Digital" - Training Voucher Initiative

Did you know that you can take your course at Rumos with the support of the "Cheque Formação + Digital" initiative?

Don't forget to apply!

This initiative is an opportunity not only for professionals who have already completed their training courses but also for those who are still exploring their learning and training options.

Those interested in applying for the “Cheque Formação + Digital” initiative can register their interest in a specific training course to be held and proceed to pay for it once their application has been accepted. The application will be analyzed by the Portuguese Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) and may take up to 30 working days. 

With the Cheque-Formação + Digital, you can benefit from up to €750 in reimbursement and invest in your digital skills, whether through in-person training, live training (synchronous online), or hybrid training.


Apply for this initiative with one of Rumos' courses

The Portuguese government has recently launched the “Cheque Formação + Digital” initiative, which aims to promote the development of digital skills so as to stimulate job retention, progression, and employability of the Portuguese population. This program is directed at employees with different types of contracts and provides a reimbursement of up to 750 euros for their digital skills training.

As a training provider certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and Industrial Relations (DGERT), Rumos meets the requirements to participate in the “Cheque Formação + Digital” initiative and is ready to provide all the necessary clarifications and support for the application process. 

The application process consists of two key moments: The first moment, in which the candidate has to submit the application along with the documents listed below. Once submitted, the Portuguese Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP) has 30 working days to analyze and evaluate the application. The second moment takes place after the IEFP has evaluated the application; the candidate now has to provide the course payment receipt. 

The final decision is solely the responsibility of the IEFP, according to its own defined criteria. Rumos has no control over the process and cannot guarantee the approval of any candidate. 

How to apply:

1. Choose a course

Rumos, as a widely recognized and vital training provider in the field of technology and certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and Industrial Relations (DGERT), offers a wide portfolio of courses in the areas supported by the “Cheque Formação + Digital” voucher, such as Development and DevOps, Security and Privacy, Data and Analytics, Automation and AI.

2. Gather the necessary documentation

Organize all the necessary documents to apply for the “Cheque Formação + Digital” training support measure, such as: 

  • IBAN proof
  • Certificate of no debts to the Portuguese Social Security and Portuguese Tax Authority
  • Declaration on honour (Annex 1)
  • Descriptive document (Annex 2)
  • Documents related to the training course that can be requested from Rumos: Annex 3 (if the course is yet to take place) or Annex 4 (if the course has already taken place)

3. Access the IEFP portal 

Applications for the “Cheque Formação + Digital” initiative operate on an open application regime. Candidates can apply through the online form available on the IEFP portal (in Portuguese). 


“Cheque Formação + Digital” vs “Cheque Formação”

There has been some confusion between the “Cheque Formação + Digital” training initiative and another initiative called "Cheque Formação", which was created in 2015.

While both initiatives are training support measures, they are very different in terms of target audience, process, and reimbursement of training costs. If you are looking for opportunities to strengthen your digital skills and you are not sure if you qualify for a training support initiative, check out the document we created to help you better understand the differences between these two initiatives. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, we have a team of training consultants ready to help you

We are here to help

If you have any questions or need assistance, we have a team of training consultants ready to help you