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Solutions for Businesses

Our commitment to developing training as a tool to increase the competitiveness of organizations has made us a leading organization in the IT training and technical certification market in Portugal.

Business Solutions
for different goals

We live in an increasingly volatile and complex reality in which innovation, adaptability, and resilience are decisive factors that define the competitiveness of organizations. 

Our response to these growing market demands is to provide solutions for the success of professionals and companies.

These solutions are based on a wide variety and complementarity of services and products of high quality and flexibility, adaptable to the needs of each client.

Inter-Company Training

Training sessions held at Rumos' premises in Lisbon or Porto, aimed at both the private and organizational markets, and following a pre-established schedule. Inter-Company Training is characterized by the enrichment and pedagogical dynamism that the exchange of experiences between different professionals can bring to each individual.

Intra-Company Training

Training sessions tailored to a company's needs, which can be held either at Rumos' premises or at any other location determined by the client, and also according to the most convenient schedule for the client (during or after working hours). Rumos offers a consulting service to help decision-makers define the best training plan for their company's employees.

One-to-One Training

One-to-One Training is conducted for one person only and addresses very specific needs. This type of training is highly specialized, focused on solving concrete problems, and can be conducted on the job, resulting in total flexibility of training schedules.

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