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Rumos launches new Microsoft Automation Architecting Academy

01 February, 2023

Rumos has just launched the Microsoft Automation Architecting Academy. Starting on April 21st, this training prepares any IT user to deal with app development, data analytics, process automation, and solutions design, enabling a faster and more efficient response to business needs, which are increasingly agile and demanding.

According to Paulo Martins, the Head of Learning and Development of Rumos: “Freeing collaborators from routine tasks to focus on greater satisfaction and value tasks led automation to become one of the pillars of digital transformation. With it comes the need for a new class of professionals, who is business knowledgeable and capable of designing automation processes and applications using tools that require little to no code/programming."

The Microsoft Automation Architecting Academy is a two-part Academy, which allows participants to choose to take each part individually and according to their level of knowledge and goals or take the whole course at once. The Microsoft Automation Architecting Academy amounts to 280 hours and grants access to five Microsoft certification exams and two Rumos certifications. 

The first part of the Academy is named Low-Code Developer Academy and consists of 140 hours of training. It equips participants with a set of knowledge and tools that enables any IT user to develop apps without having to program, and learn how to perform data analysis. Additionally, it prepares participants for Microsoft certifications and includes the corresponding certification exams, as well as preparing them to obtain a Rumos certification. The latter is based on a practical project, in which it will be necessary to use the concepts learned throughout the Academy, particularly those related to the development of an application in Power Apps to meet a specific business need.

The second part is named Power Platform Automation Expert Academy and consists of 140 hours of training. It equips professionals with the necessary cross-disciplinary knowledge to face challenges related to RPA, the development of fast and efficient business-integrated apps, and the design of more integrative and structuring solutions, aiming at the optimization of means, processes, and resources. This Academy includes two Microsoft certification exams, one for the associate level and the other for the expert level. In addition, it includes the Rumos Expert Certification: Power Platform Automation Expert.

Paulo Martins points out that “Once the Microsoft Automation Architecting Academy is complete, participants will be ready to enter the labor market. Technical certifications prove the knowledge acquired during the training process and are nationally and internationally recognized as well as being valued by most recruiters when selecting a candidate, serving as a guarantee of their skills." The practical component is present in the projects executed during the training, and the possibility of doing an internship provides contact and interaction with the labor market.

In the context of this launch, Rumos has prepared an Open Session to present this new Academy and to help clarify any potential doubts. Watch here:


Find out more information about the Microsoft Automation Architecting Academy in the course area.