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Rumos is the Number 1 Brand in the Choice of Professionals

Rumos received the distinction of 'Number 1 Brand in Professionals' Choice 2024' in Professional Training in IT, awarded by ConsumerChoice - Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Center.

15 January, 2024

The recognition pertains to the category of Professional Training in Information Technologies (IT) and reinforces Rumos' position as the most representative brand in the field of Training and Technical Certification of IT professionals in Portugal

For the 10th consecutive year, ConsumerChoice highlighted the most relevant brands in the country, unveiling the 21 chosen as "Professionals' Choice 2024." This distinction rewards the best brands based on their performance through a process involving the identification of the most important attributes and benefits for consumers. It also includes an effective assessment of brands in each category, revealing those with higher levels of satisfaction and intention to purchase or recommend. This year's evaluation process involved over 2,950 assessments, covering 103 brands from various sectors.

During the award ceremony on January 10th at Garagem Lisboa, Rumos Formação was represented by Jorge Lopes, Board Member; Carolina Gabado, Head of Operations; Dulce Duarte, Head of Finance; Filipa Coelho, Marketing Assistant; Inês Vacas, Head of Marketing; and Patrícia Lima, Head of Human Resources.

Rumos has consistently stood out as an excellent entity in empowering professionals in the technological sector. With decades of experience and a wide range of training offerings covering various areas of information technology, Rumos has played a crucial role in training highly qualified specialists, promoting innovation, and advancing business progress.

Rumos' ongoing commitment to providing up-to-date training programs makes it a reference for those seeking to acquire knowledge and technical skills.