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Rumos Consulting addresses the challenges of hybrid teaching thanks to a reinforced partnership with Microsoft Education

Rumos Consulting has equipment associated with services and licensing directed at education that addresses the challenges of hybrid and remote learning.

12 August, 2022

Thanks to Microsoft's solutions, education institutions can now have access to modern and versatile devices such as the Microsoft Surface line. 

The different Microsoft 365 plans are appropriate for varied educational scenarios since they provide mobility, and access to online and offline collaboration tools with the possibility of using Microsoft Endpoint Manager to simplify management without neglecting user security, as well as access and device security.

Although Rumos Consulting’s connection to the education market is not new, it has gained significant relevance during the pandemic. At the beginning of the pandemic, Rumos Consulting understood that many education institutions were struggling with the abrupt transition from face-to-face to remote learning in a very short period of time. 

Students and educators were not used to this new model of teaching and learning, and besides that, the equipment was not enough for everyone, and in some cases, the type of software used was not appropriate.  

Thus, during this period, Rumos decided to offer its services by helping educational institutions transition to remote work, since Rumos not only had the know-how of IT specialized teams, but also the solutions.

As it is clear, technology continues and will continue to be used as a catalyst for educational transformation, particularly modern hybrid education, by providing a variety of options for where to work, teach or learn from and by addressing the challenges brought by this transformation, for instance, flexible, productive, and safe working, teaching and learning from home.