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New training partnership offers PM² certified courses

Rumos has just established a new training partnership with Freeconcept to offer official PM² certified training from PM² Alliance.

28 February, 2023

PM² is a project management methodology developed by the European Commission. Its purpose is to facilitate the effective management of the complete lifecycle of a project and increase the quality of the management process and project results. It incorporates elements from a wide range of globally accepted project management best practices as well as the European Commission’s operational experience from many projects. PM² is a light and easy-to-implement methodology suitable for any type of project. The European Commission has published PM² with an open and free license for anyone to use for the management of their projects, with a focus on projects run within the EU institutions or funded by EU programs, but also for any type of projects in the public or private sector.

Thanks to this partnership, Rumos now offers three courses: the PM² Basic is designed for non-project managers who do not yet participate in projects, but aspire to play a role in project management, it provides a basic introduction to the PM² methodology; the PM² Essentials is designed to equip project management professionals with the key concepts of the PM² methodology, and the PM² Advanced is aimed at professionals who wish to apply the PM² methodology in real projects and demonstrate their skills and knowledge in project management. 

This new partnership reinforces Rumos’ commitment to offering IT professionals a broad portfolio of courses and certifications, especially in Project Management.