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How can generative AI improve employee productivity?

This was the topic explored in an exclusive initiative for business clients of Rumos.

14 December, 2023

The ChatGPT, based on natural language technology, has gained prominence as an essential tool to boost efficiency and collaboration in organizations.

According to the study by Public First commissioned by Google, generative AI (capable of generating text, images, and video) "could increase the size of the Portuguese economy by 15 billion euros (equivalent to 8% of Gross Value Added or 6% of Gross Domestic Product) and save, on average, over 80 hours per year for each worker - equivalent to two weeks of work."

Attentive to the relevance of this innovation, Rumos offered an exclusive workshop, providing business clients with a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves and explore the potential of this technology.

This initiative consisted of a practical and interactive immersion in the world of ChatGPT, where Jorge Valadares, a Rumos trainer, addressed best practices in implementing ChatGPT to optimize internal processes.

The initiative reinforces Rumos' ongoing commitment to providing quality training aligned with emerging technological trends, thus consolidating its mission to be an active partner in the development and innovation of organizations.