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BMC Helix Control-M Cloud service is now part of Rumos Consulting’s offer

Rumos Consulting integrates BMC Control-M on-premises into its service offer, but also as a Cloud service (SaaS) through BMC Helix Control-M.

04 March, 2022

BMC Control-M is a market reference for business processes, dataflow automation, and digital business control. It has been used in many industries for several decades.

This solution facilitates automation management in a centralized manner, using a single console for the entire organization with interfaces adapted to different areas, such as the development team, the monitoring and operations areas, or the management team.

Orchestrating complex workflows is not only a more digital and agile way to manage workflows across diverse environments and operating systems but also an essential driver of cost savings and revenue growth. According to an IDC analysis, Control-M users achieve a three-year ROI of over 500%, which breaks even on their investment in eight months.

Control-M simplifies the orchestration and automation of complex dataflows in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments, as well as the automation of application flows, by facilitating the scheduling, management, monitoring, and orchestration of flows and data integration, thus providing visibility into planned, ongoing, and archived supply chains, and improving SLAs.

When comparing Control-M on-premises to Helix Control-M, one can say the latter is a solution provided as a service that is remotely controlled through a web interface without the need for a VPN. This presents advantages over Control-M on-premises since it does not require the installation and maintenance of a physical equipment infrastructure.

Rumos Consulting supports its customers in initiatives of digital transformation, automation, and orchestration of application and data workflows through its consulting, implementation, and support services provided by a team of experienced professionals in various economic sectors such as public administration, transportation, insurance, finance, and energy.