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Open Session: QA Automation Engineering Academy

December 20, 2022

1 hour 9 minutes

Rumos presents a new Academy: QA Automation Engineering. This is a unique opportunity to get to know the Academy and clear all your doubts with Paulo Martins, Head of Learning and Development at Rumos, and Andreia Matos, Technical Coordinator of the Academy.


Software Testing and Quality Assurance currently play a significant role in the software development life cycle. According to the World Quality Report 2022, ensuring quality has become even more important to organizations over the past year. In this study, the 1750 Chief Information Officers and IT Executives surveyed emphasized the value of testing more than ever before, as well as the importance of embarking on a digital transformation journey that ensures quality and a seamless client experience - their top priority.


The Rumos Academies are complete study programs with training, technical certification, and the possibility of an internship (optional), focused on areas with a higher probability of future employability. Those who successfully complete these Academies are ready to enter the labor market. The certification proves the acquired knowledge and is globally recognized, as most recruiters consider IT certifications an asset when selecting a candidate.


The QA Automation Engineering Academy provides participants with the technical and behavioral skills necessary to perform successfully as Software and QA Testers, as well as the right tools to enable them to plan a test automation project.

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