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Contributing to the success of IT in Portugal for over 3 decades

Our teams' knowledge of technology transforms organizations and society

The Rumos Group

Consulting, Education, and Training

The Rumos Group is a Portuguese economic group formally consolidated under the company Rumos Capital SA. This business project has its origins in Rumos SA, a company founded in 1992, and has since been joined by other valuable companies and brands, culminating in its threefold focus: Education, Consulting, and Training.

The Rumos Group has a diversified portfolio of projects that have a common denominator: the relationship between People and Technology. This synergy is visible in the currently adopted tagline "Knowledge Sharing", which embodies the principles of creation, collaboration, and knowledge exchange, which are based on the appreciation and recognition of individual knowledge, and rooted in collaborative learning between individuals and institutions. 

This concept is further reinforced by the use of information and communication technologies that promote original and differentiating ways of creating value that materializes in new experiences and projects.

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Our numbers

Our purpose


Divided into three sectors, Consulting, Education, and Training, the Rumos Group and all its companies share the mission of contributing to the sustained development of markets that involve people and technology, particularly the training, education, and professional services markets, all of which are supported by information technology.


We believe that we all have potential. We believe in economic and social development through the recognition of people and services provided by qualified professionals who add value to organizations and society.

We firmly believe that sharing knowledge among people and within organizations is a vital component in the process of creating knowledge value in a sustainable economic and social ecosystem, which we actively seek to promote.



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