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Happy Techie Hour: Best practices in Functional Analysis

Stay up-to-date on this increasingly relevant topic that has a real impact on companies.

1 hour 17 minutes

Functional Analysis is a growing topic that has a real and strategic impact on organizations. Functional Analysis can drive transformations in organizations by defining the needs of those organizations and then recommending value-adding solutions.

The Functional Analyst has the fundamental role of discovering, collecting, and analyzing relevant information within an organization and aligning the needs of the different project stakeholders with the designed solutions.

In this Happy Techie Hour session, participants will learn about Functional Analysis best practices, such as how to listen to the client's needs and help them structure and improve their project idea, how to manage the need to involve different areas, how to manage follow-up meetings, and finally, how to facilitate and speed up the validation and approval of the Functional Analysis document.