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Rumos Consulting develops new Corporate Intranet for Turismo de Portugal

A responsive, multi-device, and easy-to-use digital platform used in Portugal and abroad by the international network of Tourism Teams

24 November, 2022

The new Corporate Intranet of Turismo de Portugal, developed by Rumos Consulting, is based on Microsoft 365 (using SharePoint Online, Teams, and Power Platform) and Microsoft Azure. It has proven to be a strategic platform for work by improving productivity, driving innovation and creativity, while strengthening internal communication and collaboration, which ultimately reinforces the corporate identity and culture. 

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It is a responsive, multi-device, and easy-to-use digital platform used not only in Portugal by the employees of Turismo de Portugal, Tourism Schools, and the Gambling Inspection and Regulation Service but also abroad by the international network of Tourism Teams, which shows its importance overseas. Although decentralized, all the information and useful documents belonging to the different structures of Turismo de Portugal are now centralized in one single place. 

In a digital and intuitive environment, it is possible to have an overview of the institute and to find out all the details about management information, while consulting key performance indicators and other tourism-related indicators. 

The organizational structure is presented in the form of an organizational chart, and each team and its activity is presented in a dedicated area, there is also an access area to the internal mobility platform, known as the CresceRH program. To foster a culture of collaboration and engagement, Turismo de Portugal also develops a wide range of initiatives with its employees in mind.

The benefits and protocols established with other entities are constantly updated in the collaboration area.

With regard to organizational communication, the news and information area presents announcements and tourism-related news in real time, as well as internal announcements that include text, images, and multimedia content in their structure. The events area shows initiatives that are directly or indirectly related to Turismo de Portugal. Social media posts from Turismo de Portugal and its Tourism Schools are also visible on the new Intranet, and functions such as sharing or saving an article or web address allow for later access to the social media content in question.

To facilitate coordination and cooperation, the Intranet also provides direct and easy access to platforms and tools that employees use in their daily work, as well as a variety of documentation, including templates and forms, in addition to a quick access area. It is important to emphasize the search functionality, implemented using Microsoft Search, which allows you to search for all types of documents, people, and other content.

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