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Rumos Consulting develops new Corporate Intranet for CP – Comboios de Portugal

By centralizing and disseminating all useful information to the business in a single place, Comboios de Portugal was able to increase productivity and significantly improve inter- and intra-team communication and collaboration

23 November, 2022

Developed by Rumos Consulting and based on Microsoft 365 (using SharePoint Online, Teams, and Power Platform) and Microsoft Azure, the new Corporate Intranet of CP – Comboios de Portugal promises to revolutionize the productivity, inter- and intra-team communication, and collaboration levels by centralizing and disseminating all useful information to the business in a single place.  

The Intranet is characterized by its modern, appealing, and responsive design, and it is fully customized according to the needs of CP, with a set of features focused on the daily life of employees that is decisive to increasing efficiency and speeding up work.

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All company tools, documents, standards, and templates are now subject to document management and can be easily found, adopted, and downloaded, resulting in tremendous gains in productivity and speed in the production and distribution of information.

In a creative and dynamic environment, it is possible to have an overview of the company, not only in terms of performance through the key performance indicators section, but also of the ongoing projects of the different departments in the form of a program or roadmap. The departments are presented in the Teams area, and the internal mobility opportunities are listed in the Careers section. The benefits and protocols established with other entities are also combined and updated in a separate section. There is a dynamic organizational chart that helps to clarify the internal structure of the organization; new employees are introduced in the “New Faces” section, where their birth dates are visible to everyone, making it impossible to forget their birthdays.

The intranet is an open and bi-directional communication channel between the organization and its various teams, where it is possible both to access information shared by the company and for employees to actively publish content. 

By incorporating a clipping feature, the What’s New section assumes a prominent position, allowing users to keep up with announcements and the latest news reported in the press in real time. In the Articles section, the organization can publish different types of content, which can include text, images, or even multimedia content. Moreover, all Newsletter editions will be available in this section, in addition to being sent by email as usual. 

It is important to emphasize the search functionality, implemented using Microsoft Search, which allows users to search across multiple types of content – from employees to specific phrases in documents.

To foster a culture of collaboration, engagement, and empowerment, there is a constant invitation to participate, not only in the weekly challenges, but also in the internal initiatives (events, conferences, workshops, and webinars) that are constantly updated in the Agenda section. Social features are integrated into various areas of the intranet, making it more interactive by allowing users to comment, like, share, or even add an article or web address to their favorites. At the same time, social networks are integrated, making it possible to keep up with all the organization’s publications.

The Hub of Ideas section has been created to encourage the sharing and collection of information; it is a place for the dissemination of new ideas and where these can be ranked based on their score. There is also an Opinions section where employees are given a voice in the form of testimonials. Feedback is collected in the form of both suggestions for improvement and multiple-choice questionnaires, the results of which can be monitored in real time.

All employees have access to a personal space where they can configure their profile, conveniently organize their favorite applications, view their favorite contacts, access and interact with the teams they are a part of in Microsoft Teams, and revisit their favorite content stored in Favorites. The platform is also a real facilitator of internal processes by centralizing several quick access points that are of interest across the organization: access to the Service Desk Portal and the Employee Portal, booking of private train trips for employees, and consultation and booking of daily meals in the canteen.

The new Corporate Intranet of Comboios de Portugal is now the main internal communication channel of this organization and one of the pillars of its digital transformation. 

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