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A complete change of my professional career!

The success of Rumos students is the motivation we need and the reason we continue to be recognized in the training market. Discover their stories!

24 October, 2022

The Quality Assurance Tester Academy was one of the new 2022 training programs and is now in its fourth edition. Sara Soares, who has been working in occupational safety for 14 years, was able to get what she had been looking for - a complete career change.

What was your field of study and/or profession before starting the Rumos Academy?

My bachelor’s degree is in Biological and Food Engineering, and a postgraduate degree in Occupational Safety, and I have been a consultant in this field for 14 years.

Why did you decide to attend the Rumos Academy? 

Rumos came to my attention while I was looking for training programs in the IT field, and at that time the registrations were open for the first-ever Quality Assurance Tester Academy. Even without much knowledge, I found the program interesting, so I decided to consult friends who were already working in this field, and they gave me good feedback on the content of the Academy and also on the training entity. This was a decisive factor.

Did the Academy meet your expectations?

Yes, it did meet my expectations, and I do not regret having invested in this Academy at all, mainly because, not having any experience in the field, I finished the Academy with a lot of knowledge, and that was noticeable in the job interviews I went to before finishing the Academy.

What impact has the Academy had or will have on your professional career?

The Academy gave me something I had been looking for a long time… a complete professional career change. I am already working as a Quality Assurance Tester!

What advice would you give to someone considering attending a training program like this?

I would encourage anyone to participate in one, especially since it is an expanding field.