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I am a more complete professional!

The success of Rumos students is the motivation we need and the reason we continue to be recognized in the training market. Discover their stories!

12 December, 2019

Looking for a solid training program that would allow him to understand the why of things, Marco Stiehl found Rumos' Database & Business Intelligence Academy to be exactly what he needed. Today, he feels complete and valued as a professional. 

What was your field of study and/or profession before starting the Rumos Academy?

My bachelor’s degree is in Computer Engineering. Before enrolling in the Rumos Academy, I worked for 3 years in a land cadastre operation in Cape Verde. In addition to being in charge of IT functions, I was also responsible for planning and team leadership.

Why did you decide to attend the Rumos Academy? 

The Database area has always been the area that I have been most interested in and identified with. At that time, before joining the Academy, I felt the need to look for a solid, demanding, and recognized training program to acquire more knowledge and skills, but above all to understand the "why of things". After doing some research and asking several people with experience in the field, Rumos was the institution that best fit what I was looking for.

Did the Academy meet your expectations? What are the main positive aspects of the training program?

Overall, it met my expectations. I find the following to be the most positive aspects:

  • The competence and availability of the trainers;
  • The training sessions provided an open environment for discussion and sharing of experiences; 
  • The excellent infrastructure.

What impact has the Academy had or will have on your professional career?

Upon completing the Academy, I can say that I am a more complete professional. All the knowledge, skills, and experiences I have gained have solidified my knowledge and made me feel more valued. The Academy has given me the desire to continue learning and to always be aware of new trends.

What is your current professional situation? 

As I dedicated myself almost exclusively to the Academy, I am currently providing IT consulting services remotely to a Mozambican company in the land cadastre sector. I intend to work in a field related to Business Intelligence, where I will be able to apply the knowledge, I have acquired and continue to develop professionally.

What advice would you give to someone considering attending a training program like this?

Attending a training program requires commitment, dedication, and a great deal of study. In addition to carefully following all the theoretical and practical fundamentals covered during the training sessions, the exams require special attention, without which it is very difficult to obtain the desired certifications.

Would you attend a Rumos training program again?

Yes, I would. The training programs are of an excellent level and Rumos' offer is always in line with the trends and needs of the IT market.