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Intrinsic qualities of a Certified Professional

In addition to the undeniable benefits in terms of technical skills, obtaining a technical certification demonstrates more intrinsic and personal values that are less obvious, but equally important

17 October, 2022

Technical certifications are not new to most professionals, but they are particularly relevant in the IT world, as their importance is recognized by both the professionals who obtain the certifications and the organizations that employ them. 

In Portugal, as well as in the rest of the world, the main reason for seeking certification is the desire to advance professionally, whether in one’s current role or to broaden the range of new opportunities. In addition to the undeniable benefits in terms of technical skills, obtaining a technical certification demonstrates more intrinsic and personal values that are less obvious, but equally important, and that are recognized by many certified professionals and recruitment companies: 

  • Discipline and focus on goals

It is not easy to obtain a certification only with knowledge acquired through experience or training; it requires commitment, time to study, and specific preparation for the exam, an effort that shows determination, discipline, and focus on achieving goals, which are all characteristics valued by companies in increasingly competitive markets.

  • Commitment to the professional field

The willingness to invest time, effort, and money in obtaining a certification is a good indication of how important a professional considers his own progress and how committed he is to his area of expertise. For these reasons, certified professionals are also seen as more trustworthy and capable of taking leadership positions. 

  • Preparation for global markets 

Most certifications are internationally recognized, so certified professionals are in a better position to join global teams. A certified professional's profile and technical skills are much more easily recognized as meeting international performance practices and standards without having to take a knowledge equivalency test.

  • More confidence and autonomy 

As certifications are constantly getting updated to more accurately reflect real-world work environments and activities, obtaining a certification provides certified professionals with an added sense of confidence, ultimately leading them to make more informed decisions, improve the quality of their work, and become more autonomous.

  •  Catalysts for innovation and growth 

Having certifications shows that these professionals are committed to keeping up with technological developments, staying up-to-date and relevant, and more willing to encourage their organization to adopt these innovations. They are able to take a broader view of the potential of technology and are more creative in using it in response to change and business growth.

  • Ambassadors of a learning culture

The need for organizations to remain competitive leads them to foster a learning culture that values the continuous acquisition of knowledge which is now a must for innovative organizations. For this type of organization, these professionals already have the right mindset to integrate into their teams. They can even encourage the other elements of the organization to pursue further training at a higher level.


In short, technical certifications add value to an IT professional’s profile far beyond technical skills and are often a deciding factor when hiring new employees. A study conducted by Rumos at the end of 2021 shows that technical certifications are considered the second most important aspect when assessing potential candidates, the first one being professional experience. At the same time, the level of satisfaction among Portuguese IT professionals who are certified is high and very enthusiastic, with 92% recommending technical certification to those who want to initiate or advance in an IT career. 

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