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The personal reward was totally worth it

The success of Rumos students is the motivation we need and the reason we continue to be recognized in the training market. Discover their stories!

04 May, 2022

Determined to re-enter the labor market, Ana Rita Garcia chose the Microsoft Systems Engineering Academy to help her make the leap into Information Technology

What was your professional situation before starting the Microsoft Systems Engineering Academy?

After several years of not working because I emigrated to Switzerland and then had two pregnancies, I decided to reintegrate into the labor market. To do it, I needed to start studying again and I found the opportunity to do so at Rumos. I chose a field that was completely different from mine, but which is currently expanding rapidly.

Why did you decide to attend the Rumos Academy? 

The Microsoft Systems Engineering Academy has a very complete curriculum designed to give us a solid foundation to help us prepare for the upcoming modules. It was not an easy course at all, it required a lot of dedication, and many hours of studying and working on the final project, but the personal reward was totally worth it. Even though I am still finishing my exams to obtain the official Microsoft certifications, I can tell you that during this course I had excellent trainers who accompanied me for almost a year and a half, and who allowed me to learn and prepare myself for a future profession in the field.

What are the main positive aspects of the training program?

For me, as an immigrant, one of the most important factors was being able to take my classes remotely and on an after-work schedule. The online classes didn't feel any different from a face-to-face class, and Rumos took special care to provide us with all the materials we needed to do our labs and study.

What advice would you give to someone considering attending a training program like this? Would you attend a Rumos training program again? 

To those interested in taking this Academy course, I highly recommend it! But bear in mind that you will have to dedicate yourself to it and study very hard. There are already other courses I would like to take as there is constant change and more to learn in this field. See you soon, Rumos!