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Tech in Progress has arrived: a new webinar series on Information Technologies

The first webinar of the new TIPs ("Tech in Progress") series by Rumos, which kicks off on May 6th, will focus on Edge Computing Technology – and how it's expanding companies' computing capabilities.

08 April, 2024

The new TIPs webinars ("Tech in Progress") are designed to provide a deep dive into the world of technology applied to organizations through the eyes of experts. The first webinar of this series will take place on May 6th, exploring Edge Computing technology, which offers innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and business agility.

The TIPs will promote and share the latest innovations in the field of Information Technologies.

Each TIPs webinar combines a theoretical side – with valuable insights and tips – with a more practical side, preparing participants to adapt to an increasingly digital future. The sessions will be led by experts, offering an accessible space not only for learning but also for interaction and asking questions.

Rumos' TIPs webinars aim to simplify even the most complex concepts, making this initiative accessible at any level: from beginners to technology veterans.

Throughout "Tech in Progress," the various solutions and services offered by Rumos will also be highlighted, demonstrating how the brand is prepared to face the challenges of the future and support its customers in digital transformation, fulfilling its mission to promote knowledge and drive technological progress.

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