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Rumos sponsors the 6th edition of Building The Future

Join Rumos and unveil the digital future on the 21st and 22nd of February.

27 December, 2023

With great enthusiasm, Rumos once again joins as a sponsor for the 6th edition of Building The Future, the main Portuguese event for digital transformation!

On February 21st and 22nd, 2024, both in person at the Convento do Beato and digitally on the BTF platform and app, we invite you to connect with national and international leaders, innovative startups, visionary entrepreneurs, and renowned experts.

In this edition, the initiative will explore the fascinating intersection between human potential and artificial intelligence under the theme "Awakening Superpowers: the fusion of human ingenuity and AI." The focus will be on the captivating symbiosis between human potential and artificial intelligence. A curation that translates into a valuable intersection of discussions, use cases, and exploratory sessions, each revealing layers of intersections where human brilliance and the infinite capabilities of AI intertwine.

Get ready to unlock your superpowers and build the future. Don't miss this unique opportunity to join an enriching experience of learning, networking, and inspiration. Find out more about how you can participate here.