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Rumos sponsors Portuguese Women in Tech Awards 2023

Rumos joins the Portuguese Women in Tech 2023 awards, with the sponsorship of the Business Operations & Innovation award

02 October, 2023

It is with great enthusiasm that Rumos joins the event Portuguese Women in Tech Awards 2023, whose ceremony takes place on November 11th, at Alfândega do Porto.

By sponsoring the "Business Operations & Innovation" award, Rumos intends to recognize Portuguese professionals who play a prominent role in promoting business development and innovation.

As one of the most recognized companies in the area of ​​Professional Training in Information Technologies, Rumos states that continuous training and IT mastery are the foundations on which we build a more competitive and sustainable business ecosystem.

We are committed to promoting the Portuguese Women in Tech community in its mission to highlight women who stand out on the national technology scene. Through its various initiatives, which unite women from all parts of the country, we seek to strengthen the presence of these professionals in the job market and increase their visibility.

Portuguese Women in Tech was launched in April 2016 with a dual mission: to support professional women in technological areas, providing visibility, networking, mentoring and training, as well as attracting more women and girls to the technology sector. We believe in the importance of expanding female participation in technology and the value that women's perspectives can bring to technological challenges.

To participate in the prize giving event, register here.