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Rumos launches new Quality Assurance Automation Academy

01 November, 2022

Software Testing and Quality Assurance currently play a significant role in the software development life cycle. The boom in application development and the increasing value placed on its quality is currently visible in several organizations, leading them to change their view on testing and quality standards. Consequently, companies' levels of demand and awareness are growing, the number of tools available has never been higher, and the budgets for software testing are also increasing. For these reasons, good Software Testing and QA professionals are valuable and sought after by an ever-increasing range of organizations. Given the clients' growing demand for quality in the production of fault-free software and the new DevOps culture that presents new continuous integration challenges, Test Automation has gained significant relevance, allowing professionals to have greater system testing coverage, less effort when repeating the testing, and more time to focus on new features and to develop exploratory testing in more complex scenarios.


Aware of this reality, Rumos has launched a two-part Academy course, which allows participants to choose to take each part individually and according to their level of knowledge and goals or take the whole course at once. The first part of the training course is the 112-hour Quality Assurance Tester Academy. It equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently perform the daily tasks of a Software Tester, regardless of the specificities of the projects they will be involved in. This Academy includes the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation certification exam for which the participants will be prepared.  

The second part of the training course is the 161-hour Software Automation Tester Academy. It turns software testing professionals into professionals able to implement automation frameworks in software development. Throughout this Academy, participants will have the chance to work on aspects related to programming (reading and usage) by experimenting with widely used tools and software proven to be effective and efficient in software development projects. The programmatic content focuses on the theoretical-practical preparation of specialized professionals with a broad and up-to-date vision of automation, while also preparing participants for the following international certification: Certified Software Automation Tester (CSAT) - Foundation Level.

Lastly, the QA Automation Engineering Academy is a two-part 273-hour training Academy that provides participants with the technical and behavioral skills necessary to perform successfully as Software and QA Testers, as well as the right tools to enable them to plan a test automation project. This Academy includes the following international certification exams: ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation and Certified Software Automation Tester Foundation Level. 


The participants who successfully complete the Rumos Academies will be ready to enter the labor market. The practical component is present in the projects executed during the training, and the technical certifications prove the knowledge acquired during the training process. These certifications are not nationally and internationally recognized but also valued by most recruiters when selecting a candidate, serving as a guarantee of their skills.


Open Session: QA Automation Engineering Academy
In the context of this launch, Rumos has prepared an Open Session to present this new QA Automation Engineering Academy. This clarification session was hosted by Paulo Martins, the Head of Learning and Development of Rumos, and Andreia Matos Santos, the Technical Coordinator of the QA Automation Engineering Academy.

Watch here:


Find out more information about the QA Automation Engineering Academy in the course area.