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New Devops training partnership: Devops Artisan

This last year, more than ever, the need to accelerate digital transformation has become the main focus of most organizations and, at the same time, their Achilles heel.

25 May, 2021

By boosting rapid and high-standard innovation, the adoption of DevOps practices has become one of the crucial success factors for organizations, and DevOps Engineers are currently among the most sought-after IT professionals. However, over half of the companies globally have trouble finding people with the necessary DevOps skills.

Rumos expands its DevOps training offer by establishing a partnership with DevOps Artisan.

Attentive to the needs of Portuguese IT companies and professionals, Rumos expanded its Devops training offer by establishing a new partnership with DevOps Artisan, a company specializing in qualifying professionals in the different DevOps tools and disciplines.

This new training offer, made available in partnership with DevOps Artisan, consists of 1-to-3 days workshops focused on know-how learning and taught by experienced engineers and developers. At least 70% of the course duration is spent in hands-on exercises and sharing knowledge and experiences that help to assimilate the concepts quickly and efficiently.

​​​​Workshops already available:

  • Automation
    • Ansible Fundamentals
    • Ansible Advanced
    • Chef Fundamentals
    • Puppet Fundamentals
    • Saltstack Fundamentals
    • Terraform Fundamentals


  • Containers
    • Docker Fundamentals
    • Docker Advanced
    • Kubernetes Fundamentals
    • Kubernetes Advanced


  • Deploy
    • Jenkins Advanced
    • Jenkins X


  • Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning in TensorFlow/Keras​ Fundamentals
    • Natural Language Processing using Deep Learning​
    • Recommender Systems
    • Reinforcement Learning
    • Solving Machine Learning Problems in TensorFlow/Keras​


  • Programming
    • C# Fundamentals
    • GO (Golang) Fundamentals


  • Security
    • DevSecOps Fundamentals
    • DevSecOps Advanced
    • Docker Security