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Happy Techie Hour: The applicability behind Software Testing training

Learn about the concepts covered in software testing training courses, and discover if you are ready for the world of information systems

February 13, 2022

1 hour 32 minutes

Information systems are becoming more and more complex. Long gone are the days when a system was built by a team. Instead of an ecosystem of multiple systems, we are currently witnessing the growth of an ecosystem of ecosystems.

How to ensure quality in a world of interconnections?


In this Happy Techie Hour session, you will understand that software testing is much more than just grabbing the keyboard and testing software. There are several techniques, analyses, and approaches that only a professional team can implement and that require specialized and certified training.

Join us and discover the concepts and tools covered in the Software Testing courses and understand, innovatively and interactively, if you are prepared for the real world of information systems.