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Rumos Consulting develops new Corporate Intranet for Bluepharma

The new intranet played a key role in improving internal communication while being part of the organization's digital transformation strategy.

03 November, 2020

A key player in improving internal communication in times of pandemic 

Rumos Consulting was the selected organization to develop a new and innovative Corporate Intranet for Bluepharma. This project, an intranet based on the Microsoft 365®/SharePoint® Online platform, plays a key role in improving internal communication, especially during a pandemic, and is part of Bluepharma's digital transformation strategy.

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As a growing pharmaceutical company with around 700 employees, Bluepharma needed to improve its internal communication, which led to the development of the new intranet. This included innovative elements such as the development of an API to facilitate social integration across the entire intranet. On the intranet, employees can comment on publications, news, videos, etc., as well as like posts, share content within the organization, and check the number of views of posted content to assess reading trends. 

It is important to emphasize the search functionality, implemented using the Enterprise Search tool, which allows users to search across multiple types of content – from employees to specific phrases in documents. Another distinctive aspect of this project is the dynamic organizational chart that is easy to use and lets employees better understand the organizational structure of the company. 

The intranet is characterized by its modern, appealing, and responsive design, as well as a set of employee-oriented solutions, such as the integration of Bluepharma’s library, where employees can consult and reserve books of their interest; consultation of the weekly menu in the canteen and meal reservations; access to multimedia content, such as videos and photos; access to a cultural agenda with organizational events and initiatives, as well as information on new products, protocols, and so on.

This is an employee-centric intranet that includes areas dedicated to introducing new employees, celebrating their birthdays, and posting about internal career opportunities and internal mobility.

This solution offers direct integration with all Microsoft 365 platform services and products, such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Exchange Online, and Microsoft Azure.

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