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Business Process Transformation

Business Process Transformation

The digital maturity of organizations is built process by process. Adopting a business process transformation approach enables the creation of a bottom-up roadmap for streamlining the organization's operations.
<p>Soon, all organizations will become fully digital</p>

Soon, all organizations will become fully digital

The competitiveness of organizations requires constant strategic thinking and excellence when it comes to defining properly quantified and measurable objectives, creating courses of action that make those objectives tangible, characterizing the environment in which the organization operates, and establishing interoperable value chains internally and externally. Involving partners, suppliers, and the customer is part of enterprise architecture, and it reflects directly on competitiveness, more aggressive and competitive environments, organizational survival, and business robustness and growth.

Business process agility is a matter of extreme importance to the organization. The adoption of strongly parameterizable, scalable business process management platforms able to respond to changes in business rules in a short time period, contributes to the agility of an organization's dynamics, and the robustness of both workflows and mechanisms needed to prioritize, measure, and conduct work. 
Adopting these platforms ensures automation and interoperability between processes and systems within the organization or the supply chain, enables process automation, and frees collaborators up from non-value-added tasks. Furthermore, it ensures workflow integration and secures continuous data analysis from operations and management and its results. Finally, business process transformation eliminates the need for non-digital information means - even if digitized - and the proliferation of statically stored documents and data.

The increasing need for process optimization and automation, the growing adoption of digital technologies such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and the rising demand for enhanced customer experience are some of the key factors driving the growth of the business process transformation market.

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