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Automation and Orchestration

Automation and Orchestration

Orchestration solutions, process automation, and data integration in information systems
<p>Integrate, automate, orchestrate, and control in one single system</p>

Integrate, automate, orchestrate, and control in one single system

Workload Automation connects today’s applications, data, and infrastructure to modern digital technologies. The fact that it deals with business processes, rather than individual tasks, promotes business orchestration and provides a broad, single, ubiquitous, and cross-platform view of your business.

Our extensive experience in consulting, implementation, training, and support enables us to help our customers adopt BMC Control-M solutions. These solutions reduce the need for programming skills when it comes to implementing and adapting complex interoperate workloads, and reduce effort and time-to-market. Consequently, this enables agile change management and accelerates our customers’ businesses by helping them predict and meet business SLAs. 

Our portfolio includes:

  • Workload automation in on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments
  • File transfer management automation
  • Application workflow automation
  • Delivery automation of business applications
  • Predictive analytics in batch workload
  • IT self-service automation 
  • Application Integration 
  • DevOps with jobs-as-code
  • Innovation of practices
  • BMC Control-M Upgrade & Technological Migration 
  • BMC Control-M Training and Consulting

Workload automation promotes efficiency, consistency, and quality, as well as a faster response to operational business needs


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