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What do 30 years of experience in IT give us? The proven experience to provide you with the best service.

IT services help organizations achieve their goals

Organizations that quickly adapt stand out from the rest and benefit fully from the power of data, create more efficient operational processes, diversify how they contact their customers, and increase their revenue.   

At Rumos Consulting, we operate as digital facilitators for our customers. The combination of our state-of-the-art technologies, tools, and processes with our disruptive mindset allows us to help companies understand the power of digital technologies and how these can transform their work methods. 

We believe in real-world solutions, which is why we start by defining the requirements for the organization in detail, and only then do we move on to developing technological solutions, thus helping organizations in the most challenging industries and sectors. 

We provide specialized IT services that combine our teams' know-how and experience, which results in changes in how organizations operate and position themselves in the market.