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I failed the exam, now what?

You decided to invest in your career by getting a certification, but the exam didn’t go well? It’s normal to feel discouraged, but don’t give up!

12 September, 2022

You decided to invest in your career by getting a certification. You chose a certification that fits your goals, studied, and prepared for the exam, but it didn’t go well. It’s normal to feel discouraged, but don’t give up!

Many professionals, even very experienced ones, don't pass the exam the first time. Whatever the reason for it might be - lack of concentration or confidence, stress, difficulty understanding the questions, or not preparing enough for the exam - you have an advantage: you are now familiar with the whole process and have already studied for the exam! This experience will help you the next time you take the exam.

These are some suggestions that may help make your next exam attempt go more smoothly:

  • Check straight way when you can retake the exam. In some cases, you can retake the exam after 24 hours (Microsoft and Red Hat), in others, it may take a while (14 days in the case of AWS). There is usually no limit to the number of times you can retake the exam, although you may have to wait longer after several failed attempts. The price tends to be the same as the first exam, but sometimes there are special discounts, so be aware when purchasing your exam.
  • Schedule the exam retake for the earliest date possible. Unless you failed the exam by a large margin, in which case you need time to study, you probably already know everything you need to know, and if you wait too long, you'll have to start over.
  • As soon as you can, while the exam process is still fresh in your memory, write down everything you remember from your exam.
  • Over the following days: 
    • Review the topics you wrote down and look for the answers to the questions in your manuals or online. Even look for the ones you were sure you got right.
    • Check your exam report to see which areas you did worst in and review those areas.
    • (Re)do the practice tests. The questions are not the same as those on your exam, but you will be able to understand them better now. 


  • On exam day, don’t study too much and get some rest before the exam. This pause is significant for you to feel calmer, to keep your ideas clear, and not to confuse yourself.
  • Remember, when you get your certification, it doesn’t matter (and no one will know) how many attempts it took you to get it. 



You haven’t taken the exam, but you are already feeling worried?
Some vendors offer certification bundles that include a second attempt for an additional fee. This is less expensive than buying a new exam separately, and it may also help you feel less anxious. Ask about this when you purchase your exam.


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