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Multi-Cloud, an ally in the Digital Transformation process of companies

Is a better service more expensive? Pedro Pereira states the opposite, since a multi-cloud service is more modern, efficient, and less expensive.

24 March, 2022

Digital transformation has been a topic of conversation for some time, but it is undeniable that the pandemic has helped accelerate this process worldwide. Companies feel the urgency to rethink their strategies and adapt their businesses to the digital world, this process has even spread to more traditional sectors seeking to reinvent themselves and adapt to this new reality. 

Nonetheless, throughout this process, companies face some challenges related to digitalization, particularly in terms of choosing the most advantageous type of cloud services for their business. We also know that companies are currently looking for more secure, flexible, and integrated solutions that guarantee good performance while keeping in mind the cost – a critical factor at a time when companies are fighting against the economic impact caused by the pandemic. 

In this context, the benefits of the multi-cloud environment service stand out, as it supports most infrastructures of both digital and traditional organizations and their business needs through the integration and collaboration of multiple cloud platforms.

A 2021 international report by HashiCorp shows that 76% of organizations have already adopted the multi-cloud and that this number will grow to 86% in the next 2 years. With the massification of this type of structure, it is essential to emphasize that it comes with a set of advantages that benefit any company that intends to move sustainably toward a viable future from a financial and technological point of view.

One of these advantages is greater autonomy, the freedom not to be tied to a single provider, the type of services it offers, and its ability to evolve in the future. Multicloud helps to achieve high system performance compared to other options by allowing for the interconnection of different cloud environments and the combination of the services best suited to the needs of each business, achieving a system that works in an exemplary and highly optimized way.

There is the perception that a better service is more expensive, but this is not the case. In addition to being more modern and efficient, a well-implemented multi-cloud service can be less expensive, helping companies reduce costs, and has the benefit of providing a high level of data protection security, which is extremely helpful when creating larger and more complex networks. 

It is in this circumstance that multi-cloud is beginning to rise in prominence by allowing companies to increase the diversity of the catalog of available services and offering four clear advantages: high performance, integration of services, cost reduction, and data protection security. These advantages will be pivotal in the digitalization and digital transformation process, which is indispensable for any business type and will contribute to the modernization and efficiency of the business fabric.

Article published on Sapo Tek on March 24, 2022