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Data – one of the fastest-growing tech fields

At a time when so many people are living with some uncertainty about their professional future, Artur Santos draws attention to one of the fastest-growing tech fields: Data.

10 May, 2021

Data is now the most significant asset many organizations possess. In its observation and analysis lies the ability to do more and better, to point out weaknesses and strengths, to outline strategies or even reverse them, to create paths, and to identify solutions. The ability to extract knowledge from data is one of the most significant competitive advantages for companies. According to the report Market Analysis Perspective: Big Data & Analytics Market in Portugal 2018-2022 from IDC Portugal, over 50% of Portuguese organizations already use Business Intelligence and Business Analytics tools. 

It is through the information collected from data, such as consumer behavior and interactions, that organizations can, for instance, personalize the user experience, get to know their audience, create and adapt their products and services according to the needs and demands of their customers, optimize their internal processes and their relationships with partners and suppliers, and most importantly, make predictions about behavior that can help identify constraints and business opportunities. Data is now the cornerstone of success for large and small organizations.

According to the Future of Jobs Report 2020 from the World Economic Forum, more than 85% of companies worldwide intend to adopt Big Data Analytics technologies by 2025. In this context, and at a time when so many people are living with some uncertainty about their professional future, it is very important to draw attention to one of the fastest-growing tech fields: Data. The rapid adoption of data and analytics tools and technologies by companies in Portugal and the rest of the world is creating more career opportunities and prospects every day than in any other field. In October 2021, Harvard Business School described the role of a Data Scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Almost a decade later, this professional field has evolved and branched off into other fields like Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, but it is still a sexy field in itself. 

The same report from the World Economic Forum ranks Data Analysts and Data Scientists, AI and Machine Learning Specialists, and Big Data Specialists as the top 3 most in-demand job roles.

Michael Page has also recently announced the most sought-after profiles by Portuguese companies in the IT sector. Among the first five are the tech fields of Machine Learning and Big Data, with a focus on Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data Analysts, and Machine Learning Engineers, in line with the current needs of companies to digitize their products, services, and work processes.

It should also be noted that Data roles are often multidisciplinary: it is necessary to know statistics, programming, and mathematical calculations, and how to work with Databases, communicate effectively, and be able to interpret graphical visualizations. These skills can be acquired and developed through training, both general and specific to a particular technology or tool.

In short, there is a great wealth of opportunities in IT, especially in the field of Data & Analytics, and also in the field of recruitment due to the real and current needs of companies. It is only necessary to be willing to learn and to be motivated to equip ourselves with all the tools at our disposal, in order to be a valid resource for companies in this tech field.