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Make your certification visible!

You studied, took your exam, and earned your certification? Congratulations! You should be very proud of yourself and celebrate your achievement!

10 August, 2022

Every time you acquire new skills or earn a new certification, it is important to share them with your network of contacts. Regardless of the reason you decided to pursue the certification, it shows your technical skills in the particular field you are now certified in, as well as your dedication and commitment to your professional growth; therefore, you should be proud of the effort you put in and of the result you obtained. 

Moreover, by sharing your achievement, you will increase your professional potential and become more influential and respected, no matter what point you are in your career.


Here are some suggestions on how to do it: 

  • Update your digital profile, namely in professional social networks, forums, and communities. 
    • Many IT certifications (Microsoft, AWS, Red Hat, PMI, among others) give you access to a digital badge. These badges are awarded by the entity in charge of the certification through a badge-issuing company. The badges help you share your new achievement on digital platforms in a reliable and verifiable way; they are completely free, so accept them and share them with your professional contacts. 
    • On social networks like LinkedIn, in addition to sharing your badge or certification, do not forget to update your skills list (according to LinkedIn, members who list at least five skills on their profiles receive up to 27 times more messages, and 17 times more profile views than those who do not. Learn how to do it here: LinkedIn Help).
  • Update your CV, as well as your profile with recruitment firms or sites you are registered with. In addition to your certification, be sure to include your newly acquired skills or the types of roles you are now able to perform.  
  • Inform your employer about your new certification. Even if you did it on your own, it's a credential that can put you in line for a promotion. Celebrate with your manager and colleagues, but most importantly, don't forget to let HR know so they can update your employee record. If you have a goal to advance in your organization, this is a good time to reaffirm that intention and demonstrate that you are already on your way to achieving that goal.
  • If you are self-employed,    
    • inform your main customers about your new skills and how you can improve the services you provide.      
  • update your email signature, website, blog, portfolio, business card, or any other methods of communication you use with your new certification or online badge. 
  • Finally, you probably had someone who helped you study, encouraged you, or made the certification possible: your manager, co-workers, study partners, mentors, or trainers. Take this opportunity to publicly recognize and thank them for their contributions. By including them in your celebration, you reciprocate their support by elevating their professional profile while extending the reach of your announcement.

    These are little things that can help you find career development opportunities, find a new job, or get to know other professionals who share the same interest fields as you. Take full advantage of your certification, both professionally and personally.