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The team shares knowledge in a unique, easy, and fantastic way

The success of Rumos students is the motivation we need and the reason we continue to be recognized in the training market. Discover their stories!

19 May, 2022

Myrella Gomes realized her knowledge was becoming obsolete and decided to take the Software Development Academy as a retraining program. Less than six months after starting the course, she found the job opportunity she was looking for.

What was your field of study and/or profession before starting the Software Development Academy?

Before initiating the Academy, I was already working as a developer, as I graduated in Information Systems back in 2010, but I tried to return to the labor market after taking a maternity break in 2018. I spent two years fully dedicated to my children’s first years of life and once I decided to return to the labor market it was not easy. The technology field evolves at a surreal pace, and two years was enough for my knowledge and skills to become obsolete. Moreover, I was already working with languages that were starting to become outdated, so I realized that I needed to retrain for a career in technology. 

Why did you decide to attend the Rumos Academy? 

During this period, I was in Brazil looking for job opportunities in the Portuguese market, but the pandemic made everything even more complicated. While I was waiting for things to stabilize, I started looking for remote training programs, and that’s when I found the Rumos Academy, which I really liked because of its well-defined, balanced, and comprehensive curriculum.

What are the main positive aspects of the training program?

The academy lasted one year and four months and was taught by instructors working in the field, who master the course modules not only in theory but more importantly, in practice. They prepared us for the market, by providing up-to-date and contextualized content. I felt very confident with the information I acquired. Moreover, the support material - books and additional courses - was of great quality and we had a team of coordinators and managers who were available to help us with anything we needed.

Did the Academy meet your expectations? What impact has the Academy had on your professional career?

The Rumos Academy went beyond my expectations, it provided us with high-quality learning and improvement. I was able to get an opportunity in the Portuguese market less than six months after finishing the course, as being a Rumos student has a big impact – it was very beneficial for my CV. The Academy trained people who were having their very first contact with the field and helped improve those who were already working in it – and everyone succeeded. It was spectacular.

Would you attend a Rumos training program again? 

I hope to participate in another training program very soon because the team shares knowledge in a unique, easy, and fantastic way. It was totally worth it!

What advice would you give to someone considering attending a training program like this?

If you are thinking about changing fields or improving your CV, rest assured that this team knows very well what they are doing. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to learn, considering how long I hadn’t been actively studying.


My deepest gratitude to this wonderful team that has given me new insights and opportunities to always want to grow. Thank you!